Customer Portal.

A tool that supports the culture of self-service, bringing more freedom for your client and economy for your company.

The Customer Portal is integrated with your ERP and provides up-to-date information in a secure and reliable way.

See cases

5K+Bank bills delivered per day

8K+Hours of service saved per month

1K+Average number of single users per day


  • - Customizable design with the identity of your company.
  • - Auto-registration: the users register and securely have access to the data of their National Registration of Corporate Entity.
  • - Simple, intuitive and user friendly.
  • - Responsive: adaptable to various devices and screen sizes.
  • - 100% on the Cloud: environment maintained and managed by Adapcon.
  • - Follow up reports and metrics to monitor the use of the portal.

What your client can already do alone

  • - Financial checkings (due and overdue)
  • - Download of updated bank bills
  • - Debt renegotiation simulation
  • - Checking of orders
  • - Checking of invoices
  • - PDF and XML download of invoice
  • - Sale of available stock (ERP CSW Consistem)
  • - Returns (ERP CSW Consistem)
  • - For customized modules, please, contact us!

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