Software Development.

We develop customized software to meet the needs of our clients and jointly create technological solutions that result in differential advantage and optimized processes.

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Customized Solutions

WEB Applicationss

Through the serverless or client/server architecture, we employ technologies such as Node.js, JAVA, PHP, Caché, DynamoDB, Vue.js, Webpack, Babel and SCSS in order to create robust and highly scalable web applications.

We deliver new functions within your ERP through interfaces or triggers fired on existing screens.

We are partners with and approved by Consistem, with 17 years of experience in customizing your ERP.

We develop native or hybrid apps with scalable backend focused on the user experience.

We add functions to existing web applications by creating plugins.

Flexible Scope

We develop projects with a closed or open scope and we take pleasure in achieving the best results for our clients.

Closed scope projects have a predefined cost and all their features and business rules are defined jointly with the client at the beginning of the development process.
As for the open scope projects, an initial cost estimate is made. They are delivered in parts, and we always align the next steps with the client.


Agile Methodologies

Through agile methodologies and collaboration with our clients, we have the capacity and structure to develop solutions for high complexity problems.

Remote / Body Shop

We offer remote support for the realization of projects, remote + on-site and 100% on-site through body shop: we allocate professionals to provide services in your business environment!

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