Customer Portal
/ 2018/03

Dupatri Customer Portal



To meet the increasing demand of clients calls requesting bank bills, invoices, and order information. Such requests were consuming many hours of the Dupatri service team.


The Customer Portal was deployed allowing Dupatri's clients to access their bank bills, invoices and orders through a secure self-service platform.

The Debt Negotiation module was also made available, which allows Dupatri's clients to simulate possibilities to settle their arrears.


Through an online platform, clients can access the desired information at any given time wherever they are, no longer depending on Dupatri's service hours.

This helps Dupatri save many hours of service and also stand out among its competitors for offering a tool that makes the daily routine of its customers easier.

300+Single users per week

900+Bank bills accessed per week

600+Hours of service saved per month

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