Customer Portal
/ 2018/01
AMC Têxtil

Returns through the Customer Portal



The request for return of goods was made by e-mail, which required great interaction of the commercial team. In addition, the ongoing processes were managed manually, and there was no complete history of the entire process.


We implemented, within the portal offered to AMC Têxtil's clients, the possibility of initiating a return process. All information required to evaluate the return is requested from the customer, improving the analysis by the sales team. In addition, the portal also features a template for issuing the return invoice.

The process goes through all the steps: commercial, accounting (evaluation of the issued invoice), financial and quality, and each step is recorded, consequently generating a history of the process. The client is notified as each step changes and can follow the return process on the portal.


  • - The process has been standardized and has a complete log of changes.
  • - It is possible to measure the average time between the steps, delivering important information to the managers.
  • - Significant reduction of errors in the issuance of return invoices.
  • - Optimized process management.
  • - Customers more satisfied.
  • - Saving operating hours.
  • - High availability environment provided through Amazon Web Services (AWS)

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