Software Integration
/ 2017/12
Grupo MPL

Integration of the VTEX platform with ERP Consistem



The MPL Group decided to join the digital market and acquired the VTEX e-commerce platform. Due to the large amount of information, operating this platform manually would be unworkable.


We integrate client’s ERP by automating the exchange of information with VTEX so that products eligible for sale in e-commerce are sent to the platform. At this time the products are already categorized and have their respective images.

The stock remains synchronized with the ERP and when the final consumer places an order in the e-commerce, the order is imported into the ERP.

Our application monitors this purchase and a notification is sent to VTEX as soon as the order is shipped.

All these operations are automatic and can be parameterized, allowing the MPL Group to create new stores on the VTEX platform so that their integration works without intervention in the software.


  • - Enabling of e-commerce without the need to employ a large team.
  • - Since it is automated, the process is safe from operational errors.
  • - The e-commerce manager has more time to focus on strategies for the business

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