Software Development
/ 2018/01

WMS with addressing and bulk control



The medical and hospital material supplier, Macromed, receives a large quantity and diversity of items on a daily basis.

The management of this storage happened in a fixed way, that is, each item had in its register its location in the stock thus making the inventory control time consuming and the available space not used in the best way.


We developed an integrated WMS tool that performs labeling of incoming products in order to identify them individually.

The available space management considers variables such as volume, weight and quantity.

The software also enables material control, item storage based on product proximity, open box management (bulk), and provides inventory without interruption of processes.


  • - Greater agility for material storage.
  • - Better use of available space.
  • - Less time in the separation of materials in the expedition, for the issuance of invoices.
  • - More complete reports of the inventory control.
  • - Agility in the bulk replenishment process.
  • - Increased balance control with the inventory process.

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