Software Development
/ 2016/01
AMC Têxtil

Automated credit management



For an order to be approved, AMC Têxtil's financial team needed to assess, individually, a range of client information. This analysis includes consultation with SERASA (databank for credit protection), payment history, changes in corporate structure, returns, credit limit, among others.

This process, in addition to the possibility of human error, also consumed many hours of the responsible staff in the company.


We developed a software integrated with the client’s ERP aiming to automate the financial analysis of new orders. Additionally, we also implemented features that allow the client to adjust their policies without having to change the software.

Orders that are not approved in the automated analysis are referred to the financial team, which has the possibility to clear them manually.


This project resulted in a more efficient daily routine for the financial department, an increase in the level of security and quality in the analysis of the orders, a significant reduction in the consultations with SERASA (databank for credit protection) and daily reassessment of the clients/orders.

500+Automated work hours per month

100%Orders assessed daily

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