BI Development
/ 2019/05
Malhas TZE

BI Solution Development



The company Malhas TZE of Pomerode / SC, had separate information in spreadsheets and ERP Consistem, so it was necessary to create a report / dashboard that presented strategic information of billing and sales orders, so that decision making could be done more conveniently and quickly.


Using Microsoft Power BI, ERP data integration was performed, summed data from Excel spreadsheets used in the internal controls of the Commercial sector.

A report / dashboard was assembled that covers the most important billing and sales order information.


  • - Spot Management: Dashboard made available on a commercial television so everyone can analyze data more conveniently
  • - Automatic dashboard updates during the day
  • - Quick dashboard access via Power BI app for iOS, where the Commercial Director views updated data at any time of the day.
  • - Centralization of strategic billing and sales order information in a dashboard

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